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of a foreign government, and they did not find any ties to terrorism. and we are joined from london by a counterterrorism expert, and mike sullivan here is a former acting director of the bureau of tobacco, firearms and explosives. let's start with you in london, will. the fbi talked to this man in 2011. it does beg the question, did they miss something when they talked to tamerlan tsarnaev? >> well, it's always very difficult to say. however, having said that, if you have an individual that is brought in by the authorities and questioned, again, without knowing exactly what the topic or agenda was that they were requesting him on, one would say that there was sufficient intelligence that may have been brought to them by this foreign government. and they could be a potential risk. and one would have hoped they would have been continually monitored beyond that point to insure that even if there was ambiguity in his absence, maybe they could prove it out as to whether they could discount them as a potential threat. >> apparently the united states fbi asked this foreign government for
government. the dow, an uptick. i'm shepard, see you later today. >> clearly an enemy and had more than enough weapons to make him a combatant. but the white house insisting that does not make him an enemy combatant. what it makes the 19-year-old is an american citizen who will be served up american justice, including, among other charges, federal charges today he conspired to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> neil: welcome everybody on a busy monday. more thursday charges. first to a brand new threat whose details are just emerging right now. authorities in canada and the united states stopping what they say could have been a major terrorist attack. two american are under arrest, and this targeting both the united states and our neighbor to the north. and tamerlan tsarnaev may be dead bus his wife is alive and well, and apparently federal officials are itching to talk to her. she claims she had no idea what her husband was up to. and bells ringing across boston to mark the exact time of those twin bombings a week ago. the president also calling for a moment of silence, along with tr
exactly what he means and what the policy of this government is and if so, what specifically is he saying? >> i think u.s. policy for several administrations now both democratic and republican, have been to reject the notion of north korea as a nuclear weapons state. north korea signed the nonproliferation treaty. it needs to come back into compliance with its international obligations. obviously it does have an arsenal in being or at least the materials for a number of devices and on several occasions, we sought to negotiate with them to at least halt any further addition to that arsenal and then eventually to start rolling it back, to actually take steps as it did before to move towards dismantling the weapons arsenals, the weapons complex that supports it. again that's the kind of thing we'd like to get back to in negotiations, but i think it's up to north korea to demonstrate some kind of good faith that it's ready to get back on the denuclearization path. >> charlie: that should be a precondition to any direct talks. >> i think it has to be at this point in terms of we need some seri
describe him as cooperative, a senior government official tells nbc news that tsarnaev has told them by writing some answers and by nodding yes or shaking his head no to others that he and his brother were not in touch with any overseas terrorists or groups. and that they conceived the bombing attack on their own, motivated he told them by religious fervor. they got their instructions on how to make bombs from the internet, he said, according to these officials. again, that is breaking news from just moments ago from pete williams at nbc news. we'll give you more on that as we learn it. >>> today at beth israel medical center in boston, a federal court hearing was called to order in the hospital room. a federal magistrate judge came to the hospital along with the defense attorney and the prosecutor, and late this afternoon they released a transcript of the court hearing conducted right next to dzhokhar tsarnaev's hospital bed at the hospital. judge, i'll ask the doctor whether or not the patient is alert. you can rouse him. and the doctor says to the patient, how you feeling? are you
of video and documentary evidence has been useful. they are sifting through public surveillance, government surveillance and overwhelming amount of materials that have been submitted. >> one of the key things is a surveillance camera from a store outside where one of the bombs was placed. that been very helpful as well and it may be, if you this i about this for a second, the store camera is going to have a higher view. so it can maybe see over the heads of people where as people on the ground are going to be shooting cameras at eye level. so perhaps that gives more after bird's-eye view. >> pete williams, we know you are busy working phones so we will let you bet back to it. let's get to former nypd, tom, what do you make of the latest information that's coming out? >> well, it's exactly what's been said all along the law enforcement will put the pieces of the puzzle together. they will slowly and meticulously go through not only forensic evidence, the bomb, the remnants of the bomb in a crime scene type of way and give it to atf to put together. because that's what those guys do and those
government. no tax cut would have helped us deal with this. >> bill: also, in politicians are politicizing this situation. is that wrong? we'll debate that question. caution, you're about to enterer -- enter the no-spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching tonight. the terror situation in america gets more intense. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo because anything can happen at any time. we may go to fnc's hard news quotes during this hour to give you latest on the boston situation. so if i suddenly disappear from view, don't be startled i that may be a good thing. now, as you may know there was confusion surrounding the investigation today but tonight looks like authorities are closing in on possible villains. also on the terror front leters containing traces of ricin poison have been sent to washington one mailed tout president obama and others to some snores. the letters were intercepted. since september 11th all mail going into elected officials in washington, d.c. is screened. we know identities of three people
for watching the factor tonight. the talking points memo about the government protecting us from terrorism and gun crime will be in the third segment because we have an amazing breaking story tonight out of boston. and we leave the broadcast with the latest. the stunning turn of events. in a press conference held this afternoon, the fbi directly asked the public, you guys, for help in bringing the boston terrorists to justice. the bureau has identified two men. there they are. saying they are suspects in monday's bombing. the men were seen on boylston street just before the explosions. the images are clear. can you see them here. the problem is the authorities don't know who these men are. >> today we are enlisting the public's help to identify the two suspects. after a very detailed analysis of photo, video, and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect 1 and suspect 2. they appear to be associated. suspect 1 is wearing a dark hat. suspect 2 is wearing a white hat. suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in
, their government is limited in terms of what they can ask him. because they're doing this public safety exception to the miranda rule. they've not advised him of his rights. so they can only ask about potential threats to public safety. were there other conspirators, other bombs out there, any reason to believe that public safety is in any way jeopardized. >> pete, one of the persons cited in terms of this idea that there may have been more violent plans on order at the hands of the brothers is this person who was hijacked by the brothers on thursday night. and the driver of a mercedes suv. we know that he's been cooperating with police. is there anything else that we know about his involvement in all of this? >> yeah, the business about new york is very iffy, frankly. i've emailed briefly with this person. he claims that he escaped with they stopped at a gasoline station. but he's also told the police that he was told by these two men, that they were the marathon bombers. but that they were not going to kill him because he was not an american. what he told the police was, that he thought they we
. >> in this terrible situation, let's be very grateful that we had a well-funded functioning government. i never was as a member of congress one of the curators government, lower taxes, no tax cut would have helped us with this or will help us recover. this is very expensive. at a time like this, no one thinks about saving pennies. >> bill: unbelievable. now, we called barney frank who is no longer in congress. wanted him to come on the program but he said no and he was smart to say no because i would have yelled at him a lot more than i yelled at him last time for doing that. now. joining us from washington to react kate obenshain, a republican strategist and from los angeles kirsten powers, a fox news analyst. you know, i'm just about fed up with this politicizing the deaths of people like barney frank just did. i think it's a disgrace. kristen, you say? >> yeah. i don't think -- first of all the time something very bad. even setting that aside if you had said it next week, i'm not sure what the difference is because he is setting up a caricature of republicans. i'm a democrat but i at least c
will give the president of the benefit of the doubt there are muslims governments who cooperate with the united states. especially on intelligence matters. they don't want to be branded under this anti-muslim or muslim terrorism because there are good muslims and bad muslims. and i think that's what barack obama is doing. he doesn't want to ignite this so that there is a lot of anti-muslim stuff that bubbles up in the united states because that works against u.s. interest abroad. i get that i think he should explain that rather than just avoids the issue all together. last word. i agree with that. that makes perfect sense to me. look at what happened in the hasan case. the pentagon, i think to this day still categorizes the hasan attack as work place violence rather than terrorism. let alone muslim terrorism. there is history here and the fbi has some explaining to do. >> all right. brit hume, everybody. thank you. >> you bet. >> bill: we have a brand new bill o' poll question posted. we are asking you. do you believe the government is doing all it can to protect us fr
. >> and say, hey, i'm not an enemy combatant. the government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he's guilty of the crimes, and to hold him as an enemy combatant, they would have to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you are tied to al-qaeda or affiliated groups. chechnyan groups are affiliated under our law. >> is it enough he visited chechnya. >> i think so. >> -- for two months for you to view that? >> if i'm the president of the united states, who makes this decision, i would say this is clearly a mass terrorist attack. they were trying to kill as many innocent americans as 'i will. they set bombs in a way to kill as many people as possible. they tried to shoot the cops, they tried to throw bombs out of a car. the older brother was identified as russian intelligence agents as a radical islamist and he visit add part of the world that's very dangerous. all that would allow me as president to say i want to find out more in the national security legal system, not the criminal justice legal system. >> the new york times editorial board in part said mr. graham's reckless s
that the government might be giving up the chance to use some of it is not much of a sacrifice on the part of the government. >> he also at this point could indicate he wants an attorney and doesn't want to answer any questions, correct? >> absolutely. even when someone doesn't get miranda rights, the statements still have to be voluntary. he can't be tortured. he can't be waterboarded. he can't be mistreated. but if he wants to answer questions without his miranda warnings, the government can ask him these questions and follow-up on them. >> and in terms of filing of charges, how likely do you think that is today? >> you know, that's very hard for me to tell from this distance. he has to be in a position where he can understand what's being told to him so he can understand the charges. he has to be able to communicate with a lawyer. from the sound of it he's not really in any position to have actual conversations. frankly, there's not a huge rush. he's not going anywhere. it is better probably to have him understand what's going on in a full way rather than rush to have an arraignment whe
. and jake, what are your sources telling you about these communications. >> u.s. government source tells me that in these preliminary interviews with dzhokhar tsarnaev, and he underlines they're preliminary, all the information that dzhokhar is giving needs to be checked out, that investigators are not taking his word for it, but what he is saying is that first of all, there were no foreign groups involved in the attacks. second, he's saying that there is an online component to how these brothers were radicalized. they watched videos online. they got information online. there doesn't seem to be any communication, any e-mail with anyone. but that is how they were radicalized. and also, according to dzhokhar, and this squares with what we know about the family dynamic, and also what you would expect him to say, the older brother, tamerlan, was the driving force behind these terrorist attacks. based on what the investigators are getting from dzhokhar, this government sore tells me that the brothers, according to dzhokhar, seem to be self-radicalized, self-starters. they were motivated by the d
government did ask the fbi to investigate tamerlan. the fbi says it checked data bases, interviewed tamerlan and family members but, quote, did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign. on sunday some lawmakers said the fbi may have dropped the ball. >> anwr alaki. now this case with the older brother. this is at least the fifth case i'm aware of where the fbi has failed to stop someone who ultimately became a terrorist murderer. >> then in 2012 camm etamerlan traveled to dagestan where his mother was from and both parents live now. he stayed there for six months. within a month of his return in august 2012, he set up this youtube account full of islamic postings with a very radical bend. >> you know he had some radicalization before he left. you know that he didn't probably travel on his own name or some variation of his own name. and when he comes back, he has a renewed interest in that radicalization belief. >> the suspect parents now estranged and reached in dagestan over the weekend claim their children have been set up. investigators are also putting together a timeline of
should be tortured to save more lives. the latest breaking news on the investigation. a government source tells cnn that dzhokhar tsarnaev claims no foreign terrorist groups were involved in the incident. he says he and his brother tamerlan -- he says brother tamerlan was the mastermind. tsarnaev's initial court appearance was today in his hospital room. he was able to speak one word, no, when asked if he could afford an attorney. he now has a public defender the court found today. he's alert, mentally competent and lucid. joining me is jake tapper live in boston. pretty dramatic developments late in the day here. from what we now believe, dzhokhar tsarnaev may have told the investigators in written answers, is that right? >> reporter: that's right. a u.s. government official tells me that according to these preliminary interviews, preliminary interviews with dzhokhar tsarnaev and the u.s. government is going to have to double back and check all of this information, but according to these preliminary interviews, what dzhokhar tsarnaev is conveying to investigators is the following. one, t
are the first pieces of information you would like to know? >> well, i'm sure that the federal government and the authorities are focused on, are there any other public safety risks right now? contacts they have. anything else that may -- that he may know about that causes an imminent risk to the public. that's got to be their first -- >> there's a discussion right now whether there will be federal or state charges. what's your sense of how that will come around? >> keeping in mind this is a very integrated investigation, state, federal, we all worked together last week, we were all together friday looking for them, doing the work, still doing that, there may be charges filed at both levels. of course the federal government will always be able to determine if they go forward on their charges. it's happened in other cases and i'm sure there will be cooperation on it. most likely it will be essentially a federal case. >> there's some talk in washington, senator lindsey graham among others, saying that he should be treated as an enemy combatant, at least for a time, to get as much informatio
where he provides information and in exchange for that the government gives him some kind of a plea agreement. >> reporter: gonzalez suspects what may be happening now is in the obama administration is a quote, interagency scrum where some are pushing for a quick mirandizing. others may be advocating a delay so as much information as possible can be garnered, martha. martha: no doubt there is big discussion going on either way. the older brothers trip to chechnya in 2011 is getting a lot of attention. what can we learn about that, doug? >> reporter: we learned a bait of new information about that when the fbi tried to trace the elder tsnaraev's trip to russia and chechnya, the trail went cold for the most mundane much reasons. listen up. >> he went over to russia butp a parently when he got on the aeroflot plane, they misspelled his name so it never went into the system that he actually went to russia. >> reporter: others suggested they got all the radical indock operation -- indoctrination around the block from their boston home. >> you can point to radical imams here and there the
, circulated through the government, which says the suspect that we're looking for, the fbi is looking for, may be in a vehicle, may have left the area. this suspect here, d sfwlnch hokhar tsavraev, a fugitive wanted in the bombings in boston. may be in a vehicle. we're not sure about sharing his identity of the source, says he may be going in a southbound direction. they believe he might be driving a gray honda crv. a gray honda crv and the registration is 316 es 9. a massachusetts plate. i'll say it again, we haven't had time to put it on the screen. so you can take down this note. not a sure thing, a bolo, be on the lookout time bulletin. connecticut state police and also mirrored by other authorities. the suspect they are looking for might be driving a gray honda crv. 316es9, massachusetts plates. we'll get this into a more readable graphic so you know what we're saying this is important. because they are worried, among other things, that the man is potentially heavily armed, may be carrying explosives, and they -- they don't know where he is going, if he's -- if he's trying to flee or migh
to make sure that the government is not -- cannot mandate explosive manufacturers to put markers, traceable markers known as taggens into gun powder. they can put it into plastic explosives but not any form of gun powder or gun powder based explosives. if you had taggens in powder, according to law enforcement sources and the bombs used in boston, it might be possible or easy to identify the manufacture of that powder and then perhaps trace that to a point of sale to suspects, perhaps one of the two suspects we have seen recently on television. but because of lobbying by the nra and other members of the gun lobby, there are no taggens, there are no traceable chemicals inserted into gun powder, black or smokeless powder in the united states. and that is something what the nra is fearing, is that it's that kind of government tracking to lead to the government to be able to track the gun powder inside of ammunition, and it's the same kind of logic that leads them to not want background checks, because the possibility of records and a bigger role for the government. but from a law en
was issued a visa, permanent visa to the united states. a u.s. government visa. who misspelled what? you only present that visa on coming back into the united states. how could they have misread the spelling? i don't understand that. >> mark, let me go back to you. one of the more disturbing piece of information is the united states was warned, we are told, from russia, about the radicalism of this older brother. now the question is, why didn't they find what steve was able to find in 20 minutes just look on the web once this brother was identified or follow-up considering it was only just a couple years ago that this warning came in? >> well, it's simple answer, either they didn't look or they looked and they felt that they couldn't move on it. sean, you have to look at what the fbi is saying. they admit that they interviewed tamerlan. they admit that. they admit they got the clue from russia. they went out there. they interviewed family members. what did they do with the information? are they trying to tell me that they file information like that that could be later used at the time of the
the fbi had heard of tamerlan tsarnaev. the fbi now admits that a foreign government, meaning russia or more specifically the russian fsb, the successor to the kgb, that that russian intelligence agency asked the fbi to check him out in 2011 warning that he was, quote, a follower of radical islam. and, quote, a strong believer and may have been planning to leave the u.s. to join an underground group in europe. the fbi even interviewed him in 2011, but say they found no related evidence. the fbi did not follow up after tamerlan tsarnaev returned from chechnya in 2012. it seems pretty evident that he was not watched closely enough. i want to bring in julia kayyem. and julia, the fbi, they might be the here rows of this operation right now, but they are going to have a lot of questions to answer about this. >> i think they will be fully prepared to do so. as you said, they are the heros in terms of how they captured them. but looking back is important for two reasons and the institution itself, the white house will look back and say what did we miss, how did we miss it, did we not take
to be a circuit board used in detonation. reuters says a government official who didn't want to be identified turned over these pictures along with images of mangled pressure cooker. what does it mean? how would it have been used? we'll take you through all of it. you can see what appears to be a cluster of bbs or pellets likely melted together by the heat of the explosion. we now know, john, a second bomb, also in a metal container, although investigators aren't saying what kind yet. >> and each picture you're looking at here, another include for investigators to pore over. you can bet they're doing that right now. also learning more this morning about the third person killed in this attack. it was a chinese graduate student, who was studying at boston university, one of the wonderful colleges in this town. we are going to respect the family's wishes. we are not releasing her name. the two other people who lost their lives we now know, 29-year-old krystle campbell. what a life she had. so much love from her entire family. and also, martin richard, young boy just 8 years old. a candlelight vi
. >>> and changes for the boy scouts. the governing board of the boy scouts of america is recommending ending that organization's ban on openly gay scouts but the board still wants to prohibit gay troop leaders. more after a break. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. and with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight's ♪ >> if baseball were a religion that would be one of the holiest of places, boston's fenway park, just moments ago, where boston -- the red sox are taking on the royals, playing for the first time since the lockdown was lifted and a terrorist was captured, a suspected terrorist was captured. join
of concerns by another government? >> right. the fbi won't say what that other government is. everyone assumes that it's russia. they say about two years ago that government contacted the fbi and said they were concerned that he'd become radicalized. the fbi says it looked at his communications to see whether he was talking to terrorists, known terrorists, overseas, whether he was looking at terrorist or jihadi websites, whether he had was -- undergoing any suspicious travel or suspicious travel plans. that they interviewed him directly and couldn't find any deroguer er dederogatory information, and they said we haven't found anything and give us more specifics and that foreign government never responded, so the fbi said, you know, we can't find anything and they closed the case. >> all right. that was in early 2011. >> right. >> it was after that that he went to russia for six months. pete, we have to take a break, but i want to talk to you about that on the other side. accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psor
a lawyer, he answered simply -- no. the government says it has photographic evidence placing tsarnaev and his brother at the scene of the bombings as well as physical evidence tying them to the attacks. in the complaint the fbi says that at 2:38 p.m. on the day of the bombings, 11 minutes before the first bomb went off, a surveillance camera shows dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev walking toward the boston marathon finish line with backpacks. then a surveillance camera mounted on the restaurant nearby captures crucial pieces of evidence. seven minutes before the first bombing the video which still hasn't been released shows dzhokhar walking toward the second bombing site. three minutes later he works his way into the crowd and takes his backpack off. the fbi says still photos show the backpack on the ground at his feet. when the first bomb goes off, tsarnaev remains calm as the people around him respond to the blast. he walks away without his backpack and ten second later the second bomb goes off in the spot where he left the backpack. complaint reveals that agents searched dzhokhar tsar
and the u.s. never deemed him a threat. the official said when the russian government asked the fbi to look into him, a task force did it from march to june 2011. the official said tsarnaev was on the text database, a testimony run by the customs and border prodekz serviard protect. it there was a misspelling of tamerlan's name which would have led to his name being missed. this was a matter addressed by the homeland security secretary before congress talking about a proposal to improve the system. listen. >> is it true that his identity document did not match his airline ticket and why did the tsa miss the discrepancy? >> there was a mismatch. by the way, the bill will help with this because it requires that passports be electronically readable as opposed to manually input. it does a good job of human error to the extent it exists out of the process. with the misspelling under our current system there are redundancies and so the system did ping when he was leaving the united states. >> by the way, the official said even when there's a hit in this system for noteworthy travel it doesn't pro
deal. remember, this crime was only a week ago. the government is going to have to assemble a lot of scientific evidence trying to tie material that could be connected to the defendant, to the bomb itself. this is complicated stuff. i think it's going to be months in the grand jury until a final indictment is ready to be presented probably. and then at that point the case will be presented to a trial judge, and there will be motions and then a trial. >> he now has a lawyer, a public defender, was at the bedside when the federal magistrate read to him these charges. so presumably he was told he has the right to remain silent. what do you expect is going to happen? what will this public defender based on all of your experience, jeff? >> well, this is a pretty easy call. certainly this defense lawyer is going to say, stop talking. there is nothing to be gained at this point, particularly since his cooperation may be the only negotiating leverage he has to avoid a death penalty. so certainly there will be two thoughts on the mind of his defense attorney. one is silence from his client
for this to happen with the hospitals. back in march of 2011, we actually ran the federal government in conjunction with the city of boston ran an exercise which simulated a mumbai style attack of multiple attackers within the city and dealing with the mass casualties. hospitals were involved. the police were involved. fbi was involved. so all of that, i think, did contribute to something which is really been a seamless response and we are so used to hearing about turf battles and fights between the federal government and state governments and the like and we didn't see that here. that i think is a great story what has been improved the past 12 years. >> let's go to boston it with mike barnicle. he has a question. mike? >> first of all, michael leiter, that is one of the terrific under reported stories thus far. the trauma teams at these world class hospitals all of them, five or six of them, within four or five-minute ambulance ride of the blast site. that is a hugely underreported story and god bless them for everything they did. the question that i have for you is the progress of the investigati
's jake tapper says a u.s. government source quotes the sole surviving source saying his brother was the mastermind and no international ties to terror groups and says the men were motivated by radical islam and the jihadist goal of waging a holy war, and that they learned to make their bombs from readily available instructions on the internet. deborah freyerick in new york working her sources what else are we learning? >> investigators beginning paint a much fuller picture of the parents and the life this young man, tamerlan tsavraev was living and the pull between his life here in the united states and his life over in the russian caucuses, where he had been a transient, going from country to country, because of the chechen war. the m.i.t. officer shot to death by the two alleged bombers did not register in to dispatch to request a description of the suspects and did not alert dispatch he was actually responding to the two men, who apparently came up to him, totally unaware, he was ambushed in the car. shot four to five times it took police 13 minutes to find that officer. that
. reuters says a government official who did not want to be identified shared these photos overnight along with images of a mangled pressure cooker. in one photo you can see what appears to be a cluster of bbs. doctors were saying they were finding bbs and nails in the legs of patients. the fbi saying a second bomb was in some type of metal container. >> we will talk about those pick chores and the investigation. boston area hospitals have released many of those 183 people injured in monday's attack. at least 100 of them now are out. >> that's good news. >> great news. we are also learning more about the third person who was killed. a chinese graduate student who was studying here at boston university. of course we are respecting her family's wishes not releasing her name at this point. >> just shows you this is an international tragedy. >> all around the world. and back to those 2,000 tips coming in globally. we have every new development in the boston marathon investigation here covered for you this morning. multiple reporters out and about. pamela brown with the city's response to the t
grateful we had a well-funded, functioning government. it is very fashionable in america has been for some time to criticize government, belittle public employees, talk about what people think is the assessment of health care, here we saw government in two ways perform very well. first of all, the government in charge moved efficiently the and rapidly and bravely. secondly, seamless cooperation that you have shown on the program. you don't know when it's state, when it's federal, when it's the city. the police commissioner on the screen, head of the fbi in boston and the governor and also goes to the recovery. again, i never was as a member of congress one of the cheerleaders for less government, lower taxes. no tax cut would have helped us deal with this or will help us recover. this is very expensive. you have adequately described thousands and thousands of people, questioning people, checking things, providing the medical care. we're not asking people, look, do you have private health insurance or not, can you afford this or not? maybe the government will have to pay for it. and this is
with someone who is a security adviser to the local government as well as to moscow who confirmed that there have been security campaigns in that mosque. there was a recent detention of about 100 to 200 people. there are rumors, and many people believe that there are people with militant backgrounds associated with that mosque. or at least who spend time in that mosque. there are a lot of people who are innocent and go there to pray. we're trying to clarify how often the son went. the aunt said he told her he was praying every day. >> thank you very much. let me bring in national investigative correspondent. the crime scene behind you, quote/unquote cleared and businesses and people are starting. i want to get to the detail of the investigation. just asked adrian who is in dagestan about this mosque. this becomes relevant because we're learning more about what the brothers may have been motivated by to commit these alleged crimes. >> we are learning more about the investigation today and in particular, what dzhokhar tsarnaev has been telling the fbi. as has been reported, he said
of the nation's busiest airport. >> the government needs to get their act together. >> tsa, putting a temporary hold on the controversial policy change that would have allowed small >> a proposal to make it illegal to buy tobacco unless you are 21. >> and at the location where he dropped -- >> innocent men, women, and children. you get paid for it. >> which is your strongest -- >> honestly i don't know. >> is there someone we could call. >> freedom rock woodstock, and his songs were an an them for a generation. richie havens has died. >> i was never in show business. i was in the communications business. >>> a rookie news anchor clemente, thought his knife was off. >> by the way, a.j. was fired today. >> and, man, that sounds like an idiot. >> this morning's eye opener presented by prudential. >> wel "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie. welcome back. >> good to be back. >>> the hospital treating the marathon bombing suspect was turned into a courtroom from his bed sineok charged with use of a weapon of mass destruction. >> it appears they were not
little the government knows, how little he know we don't know who did this why it was planned or executed foreign or domestic. why say that? does the president know that people are listening to every word he said including those who might be responsible? >> of course. the president wants to reassure the american people that the government is on the trail so to speak and that justice will be done. the president has to be careful. he has to be sure that he has got as much information as he can about what is now a forensic effort to understand how this attack unfolded. so i am not surprised that very little has been said yet. this is obviously an act of terror. it was obviously an effort to maim as many individuals, and as many innocent citizens as possible. but the president has to be very careful, not to give out information prematurely here and it's entirely possible too that they -- they want to be certain that they are not tipping off those who might have been responsible. >> secretary rice good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> good to be with you.
tactical officers patrolling. things like infrastructure, government buildings and landmarks will all be under greater scrutiny. >> i think how we address any poe tenial advertise is to be -- potentialalties. if there's anything suspicious call us. >> reporter: vice-president joe biden is slated to be in town tomorrow for a scheduled event. additionally that will be another reason citizens will see a heightened police presence around town. back to you. >> all right, we've gotten word tonight that hartford county schools cancelled field trips to washington, d.c. and aberdeen proving ground tomorrow as a precaution. >> some of the heroes of this terrible day in boston, the marathon medical staff working around the clock to treat the gruesome injuries. back to mary life on the mass casualties at the finish line. >> reporter: at least ten amputations, many other severe injuries. the rescue personnel who responded today said they sa battlefield type injuries on the streets of boston. [ sirens). >> reporter: emergency crews rush in as most rush out. >> they responded within 15 seconds. you
citizens requiring lifelong friends and neighbors and family members to get federal government permission to exercise a right or face prosecution. as we noted previously expanding background checks at gun shows will not reduce violent crime or keep kids safe in their schools. joe, i'll let you take it away. alex, just keep putting the names up is what i think we should do. >> mika, this nra -- first of all, mark halpern told me last hour he didn't believe this was the same chris cox i served with in the nra so if that is it, apologies to chris cox from california. regardless who made that statement for the nra or chris cox who made the statement for the nra, we will have it mentioned in a minute, just lied. we are not talking about whether this is a violation of the second amendment. it's not. it's not. but if you're ignorant, if you you've never read a united states supreme court ruling before regarding the second amendment, then maybe you could come to that conclusion just out of sheer ignorance. but what is a lie is part of the statement where he says that the nra is claiming that the
. the senior government official says the suspect has told them by writing some answers and by nodding yes or shaking his head no to others that he and his brother were not in touch with any overseas terrorists or groups and that they conceived the bombing attack on their own, motivated he told them by religious fervor. according to the officials the suspect told them they got their instructions on how to make bombs on the internet. in federal district court, federal prosecutors filed a criminal complaint, quote, charging dzhokhar tsarnaev of cambridge, massachusetts with using a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property at the boston marathon on april 15th, 2013, resulting in death. tsarnaev is in the custody of united states marshals at beth israel hospital. he has gunshot wounds to the head, neck, legs, and hand. despite those injuries, the court was satisfied today that the defendant was able to respond to the charges and investigators say he was able to respond to their questions. he is likely to face other charges as the evidence develops, including homicide charges in
: labeling him as an enemy combatant would allow the government to question him without an attorney president and maybe get some of those answers. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> thanks, barbara. most of us can't even begin to imagine the incredibly tense moments that led up to the arrest of dzhokhar cztsarnaev. but that's what they are trained to do. the s.w.a.t team that took tsarnaev into custody describes the final moments to anderson cooper. let's listen. >> let's do it. let's do what we're trained to do. this is the suspect. we're trained to go in and apprehend him. you can see one hand is clear of any weapons each time he went the other way, his hand went down inside the boat out of our view. i know everybody here we've spoken about it. each time he did that, we had to assume he was reaching for either a weapon, a firearm or some explosive ignition device to kind of draw us in and take us out in a suicide type manner. he did that a couple of times as we're still approaching him. we got close enough that at one point where both of his hands were up because of the rocking back and f
government buildings and landmarks will be under greater scrutiny. >> i think how we address any po ten yates is to be diligent, any suspicious call us. >> reporter: this being a sporting event at the orioles park today with a game, there will be more officers here. also vice president joe biden is coming to town so we will see more officers down here trying to keep everyone around that area safe. mike schuh reporting live. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. >>> today harford county schools were supposed to go on a field trip to washington, d.c. those trips were canceled as a precaution. >>> the running community here in baltimore is following the tragedy. meghan mccorkell has their reaction. >> reporter: it was pure panic for a lot of people in maryland desperately trying to get a hold of local runners in boston. >> there was a second explosion that we are hearing. >> reporter: moments after the explosion in boston, frantic attempts from people in maryland to get in touch with loved ones. >> they were still on the course. didn't have cell phones with them. >> reporter: people are glued to t
. >> there was a report that the government asked that the cell phone towers be turned off so that further bombs couldn't be detonated with remote devices. verizon came out and said they were never asked to do that. is that even possible? >> it might be possible with sometime given but i think what happened was as is natural in these incidents everybody reached for the cell phone. everybody starts trying to use it and you get and over load that way. one of the things they will be looking at was this remotely detonated using some sort of cell phone communication? was this on a timer? was this a person suicide bomber with a switch that they threw themselves? we don't know that yet but the simultaneous occurrence of these two explosions is also a signature that it has been a hallmark. we used to be only al-qaeda did that. that doesn't mean that some other groups couldn't adopt it. we've seen copycats before with respect to the ira in ireland. but it is you look for all these kinds of patterns of behavior and what was done in order to try to get the complete picture. >> terror expert larry johnson, thank y
, if the gripe in chechnya is with the russian government, why is he in boston killing americans? >> it's not clear, if you will, this is linked to that. i think you heard it from the end on what the story, which is the idea that the radicalization might well have happened here which i think is an important lesson. the internet has become a major recruiting tool, training tool for terrorists worldwide. the older brother clearly went over there. may have gotten training or further radicalization but my hunch he was already moving in that direction. you do not have to physically go somewhere now in order to be radicalized or trained. >> very early on in the investigation, they were talking, obviously, about the style of the bomb, the device looked similar to bombs where they, on al qaeda sites. we have been showing an al qaeda video for the past several weeks related to guns where the terrorists were saying come to america and kill people because gun s easy to get. you don't have to go to pakistan and the tribal regions to be radicalized. you can sit in your apartment in cambridge or conn
. >>> the bombing suspects are ethnic chechens. now the russian government is interested in a trip that was taken to russia by one of the suspects. charlie d'agata has more. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, anthony. russian investigators are working .united states to try to determine whether there are any direct links with tamerlan tsarnaev and any militant or terrorist groups in the region. a government spokesman we spoke to today said so far that investigation has turned up no ties. we've also been speaking to neighbors over the phone this will dagestan. they said he spent most of his time working on renovating a store front for his father. his father said he never spent any long periods of time away from home. in an interview with russia today his aunt was quoted as sayiwas curious about religion. in another interview his mom said her son was under constant fbi surveillance. during the six months in dagestan, tamerlan would have been exposed to high levels of fighting between insurgents in the area and russian security group. the terror group, the most feared t
that are connected to a consulate or related to people that are in the saudi government, i think that the united states government has a lot of discretion, and i think that they grease the wheel a lot because the saudis are one of our biggest allies in the middle southeast we want to keep them that way. >> excuse me, on national security grounds, if this is something that's going to happy think this is something the american people need to hear about ahead of. steve, are you sure of this report? how did you find it out tonight? >> i found it out by a senior official in the agency that's conducting the investigation. that's ice, immigration and customs law enforcement. >> that's a big story. >> it is and the question is why is he not being prosecuted as opposed to being deported. >> fox hasn't confirmed it yet but we will be following up and i will call you immediately after the program. coming up, according to reports authorities have uncovered what appears to be the lid of one of the improvised explosive devices that was used in monday's terror attack. it was found on a rooftop. when we come ba
, high level, within our government, that told me the exact same thing, that this saudi national, they said now is a witness, not a suspect, but saying is to be deported tuesday, told the exact same thing, for national security reasons. i did see the video where janet napolitano denied enjoy, but yet it's been confirmed -- denied that, but yet it's been confirmed by multiple sources. >> members of congress have it right now, and they'll make the contents public. we don't know if he was connected to the bombing or not, but it's a strange coincidence for sure. >> sean: guys, thank you very much for being with us. appreciate your insight tonight. coming up, now that the fbi has released video and images of the suspects, what does it mean for this investigation? when we come back, we'll check in with our prosecutors. they're here to explain. later are these photos enough to find the identity of these suspects? we'll break it down as "hannity" continues. @ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. we now know what the two suspects in the boston marathon terror bombing look like. the fbi
, the federal government conducted an investigation and said pg&e is mostly responsible but the california public utilities commission should have detected these problems and should have prevented the explosion. now, at the time, the president michael peevey and the executive director of the cpuc paul clanon said we admit we have a culture of complacency and we promise that this is a game changer for us and we're all safety moving forward. so fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when a report surfaced showing that this is not the case at all at the puc. as you can see on the cover of the report, it is marked confidential. eveanteng terhat it] >>one isgointo pick up this otherwise boring looking government document. >> what's inside the report? >> reporter: it's bad. the consultants interviewed a number of people in the organization who said we have a security system here but it's not integrated. they said we're way too close to the industries that we're supposed to be regulating and said we are mostly focusing on keeping rates down and safety is a distant third. >> peevey was on the board
first have to say that we're fortunate we've been able to stop so many of them. i think the government has done a good job of interrupting many of these attacks that could have taken place. this one is really horrible. horrible because of the death of a young child. the other fatalities that took place, the injuries, the reality that no matter how hard you try, no matter how good a job you do, and i have no doubt the boston police did a great job in policing the marathon, these people, whoever they are, can get through. and we don't know yet what this is. is it idealogically based? is it some kind of an insane situation? there is no way of knowing right now, you know, exactly what it is. all we can do is speculate. >> in terms of, you know, fears -- i've talked to so many people today who said, look, we don't want to live in fear. we don't want this to change the way we live, and i think that's an important message to get across. but at a public event, there is no way you can have 100% safety. >> no question about it. i've faced it many, many times when i was mayor of new york. we almo
of the fertilizer plant in west, texas, and he basically pledges the support of the federal government, thanks first responders and promises the people of that small tightly knit community the prayers and the support of the american people. of course, the president now on his way here to boston for an interfaith service that's going to happen at the top of the hour in holy cross cathedral across from where i'm sitting. in the meantime, there is potentially a turning point in this boston marathon case thanks to security video. the fbi wants to talk to two people seen on tape. specifically a man in a baseball cap who was talking on his cell phone. the man was seen dropping a black bag near the finish line of the race and walking away. it was caught on camera by department store lord & taylor's surveillance camera perched outside the store facing the race. nbc's michael isikoff is covering the investigation live in boston for us, and michael, now that they have this video, perhaps a faith, what's next? >> reporter: well, what we're -- what's next is we're likely, we're told we're going to have an fbi b
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